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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wedding Season is Approaching!!!

Planning your Wedding or helping someone plan? Our lovely shops on Etsy are here to help make life easier for you. Why not make it a Handmade Wedding? Let the handmade community help you celebrate your wedding by choosing us instead of the High Street :)

There are some gorgeous colours trending this year for Weddings and one of them is Minty Green, fab colour!
Below you will see my OOAK Cottage Chic Style Minty Green Bunting.

I adore this colour, it is so fresh and crisp. Not only can it be used on your special day, but after too, what a lovely memorable decoration this would be to keep, displayed somewhere in your home. Fantastic!

Handmade by only me, no one else. I have other bunting in my shop, browse at your leisure :)

But how gorgeous would this look in your Wedding car or on your top table.

This is the same Minty colour I had for my own bridesmaids dresses, and is one of my favourite colours.

So, if you are looking for a handmade wedding, please give our lovely makers on Etsy a look, we have many talented people on there, from all over the world.

Have you thought of Wedding Favors? These can be made by you, if you have an idea, go with it, see where it takes you. Or, see what we have on Etsy, in the comfort of your home, take a browse, you will find something you like, I know you will.

Handmade Weddings are getting more and more popular, especially when you compare the prices of the accessories you need on your special day with what you can find  handmade, and handmade is special, just like your day. <3