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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sooo busy....

Hows everyone been this week, fed up with the weather? Rain, rain, rain...mud, mud, mud, haha, especially bad if you have a dog or dogs in my case, the poor things seem to be permanently wet, I try not to hose pipe them down, I get warm water in a bowl and flannel, how daft am I? Still, nothing we can do about it, roll on spring.
This week I have made a bag, (amongst other things, tho still not got round to doing any jewellery!!!) This bag has been a long time coming, and I finally got round to it. Its pretty simple, easy design, think the fabric is the best part of it, this one I made is in a butterfly design, really sweet.
Love some feed back if you get round to it. The inner is white synthetic felt. Would make a lovely beach bag.
I shall be making more of these bags for the Summer and hope to have them on sale in my Etsy shop.

Today, like most mums, I've been juggling, between my day job and orthodontic visits and cooking and cleaning, oh how I try to get out of the cleaning....but with this weather its impossible to not do it, I came back today from the orthodontics to find my very naughty hens destroyed the bin bag which was put out to take to the front garden where the big bin is, I picked it up and they had pecked their way through the plastic bag and the whole lot went everywhere!! and my son said in his deep broken voice "well, what do you expect if you leave it there" well, I was a bit speechless, yes, I know he was right, but you know, you spend most of the day juggling your jobs, well, at least I do, and sometimes you make mistakes!Or deliberate errors!!haha!!
Catcha soon.xx

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hope everyone is now over Christmas??

So the festive season has flown, phew, am I relieved! Now its down to getting the extra pounds off that accumulated over the Winter, how wonderful is that, it was easy to put on! Well I walk a lot, its my job, but I think I will need more than just walking, a bit of calorie counting and a few less glasses of wine! So, going to try tai chi, was going to go tonight but...I have a cold and its a bit chilly outside, so I'm wimping out! yes, fallen at the first hurdle! Next week, most definitely, my friend and me will be there.
Getting into the holiday mood now, arranging to go to a festival in the Spring at Lechlade, we did it last year and it was really good, but this year my friend is booking the camp site as I booked the wrong one! disaster!

I am busy also trying to make some bracelets with some gorgeous jade beads I bought, but, not had the time to do them, I must get going on them for the Spring, they are sooo pretty, will be great for Mothers Day.
I have recently started to fill my other shop in Folksy with some stock, if you can pop by, see what you think, its a UK based site so good for local buyers.  I like Folksy.
This photo is a recent make of a fabric roll which is not yet in any of my shops. It is just the right size for crochet hooks or pens.
Love the retro look, don't you? Catcha soon.xx
Retro style fabric roll

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain, Aww a Rainbow!

Whoosh, what a rainy day it is today, the sort of day you just want to snuggle up by the fire with a cupa and some cake and watch a film, in reality, no, we can't can we! we need to work! don't we? So out in the rain, one goes and gets soaked! haha, such is life! My dogs are permanently muddy, and they love it! just as well there is a stream for the odd rinse! But if dressed for a soggy day, its not that bad, I just hate the wet dog smell in the car and the soggy towels too.
So, now I'm in for a bit, I shall be listing a few things in my Etsy Shop, I have just completed a few more of the wraps I started at the beginning of the week, now I need to change direction, come back to them and finish off the 3 remaining ones another day. What to make next, what fabric, aww so exciting! Nuts, I know!
Think I will make.....? Maybe some lovely jade bracelets, I have recently bought some gorgeous stones, in pastel shades, just right for the Spring. What I like about stone is it keeps looking good for ages, all you have to do is make sure it is strung well or the clasp may need tightening, just check them every so often, I have re-strung a few bracelets for friends who have bought from a retailer, not cheap either, one bracelet just came away in a shop, she had to go round collecting them off the floor, poor girl!
Hopefully, they will be in my shop by the weekend, so, if you have a chance, take a look and tell me what you think. I don't only have a shop on Etsy, come see me on Folksy...
Catcha soon, with some gorgeous jewellery!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Its a beautful day :)

Well this morning was a bit frosty! But lovely Winter sunshine now, its about 11am in the West Country, done some of my jobs and off out again soon, lets hope the sun keeps his hat on for me, at least til I've finished for the day.
I have been working on a new item, finished my first one last night, I'm really pleased with the finished result, pretty pinks, oh forgot to say, its a wrap roll for...knitting needles, pencils, make-up brushes, whatever will fit in its pockets really. I'm looking to do at least 6 of them in different fabrics. I love doing new items, they are always a bit of a challenge! Good light today too for taking photos!

Will put a tutorial up once I have accomplished a few more! Watch this space! 
Going to start cutting the fabrics for the some more later this afternoon, ooh so many gorgeous fabric to choose from, I love going frabric shopping, much to my husbands dismay, so, I usually go without him LOL.
The good thing about these wraps, is that you can buy fat quarters and get a good variety of designs made, I used fleece on the inner but you don't have to, it just gives a nice padded feed to it.
Must get going, catcha later.x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!

What a year, busy with a number of craft fairs and my day job is also busy! Phew, am I glad we are now in 2014, here comes Summer or maybe Spring first, ya, I know! My days are as busy as ever with not so much time making as I would like, but, I am hopeful, time will become more available as the days get longer and the evenings become lighter, can't wait.
I think like most people, we push too much in to our daily lives and wonder why we are so exhausted by the week-end, at least I don't have a gym membership though, I would never get there!
My garden needs a real good bit of attention, it has never been the same since the arrival of our 4 rescued hens, sadly, only 2 now, but one of them did have a good 12 month of freedom, unlike the 1st one which couldn't adjust and sadly flew her nest less than a week after re-homing. Apart from the daily clean out of them, they have managed to cause chaos in the garden, leaving little surprises everywhere....
Still, thats life, now, I must concentrate on filling my Etsy Shop with lots of handmade goodies, I have a long way to go, my listing is at the moment at 30, I need at least 50 to be happy with it!
Most of my jewellery is semi-precious gemstones with the occasional piece of glass, as I love gemstones so much, glass isn't used very much. I have a love of fabrics where I collect it then decided, hmm, better make something and start to use some of it! Now, that pattern I bought and downloaded, must start on that this coming week, its not that I'm short on fabric now! :) Catcha soon.xx