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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!

What a year, busy with a number of craft fairs and my day job is also busy! Phew, am I glad we are now in 2014, here comes Summer or maybe Spring first, ya, I know! My days are as busy as ever with not so much time making as I would like, but, I am hopeful, time will become more available as the days get longer and the evenings become lighter, can't wait.
I think like most people, we push too much in to our daily lives and wonder why we are so exhausted by the week-end, at least I don't have a gym membership though, I would never get there!
My garden needs a real good bit of attention, it has never been the same since the arrival of our 4 rescued hens, sadly, only 2 now, but one of them did have a good 12 month of freedom, unlike the 1st one which couldn't adjust and sadly flew her nest less than a week after re-homing. Apart from the daily clean out of them, they have managed to cause chaos in the garden, leaving little surprises everywhere....
Still, thats life, now, I must concentrate on filling my Etsy Shop with lots of handmade goodies, I have a long way to go, my listing is at the moment at 30, I need at least 50 to be happy with it!
Most of my jewellery is semi-precious gemstones with the occasional piece of glass, as I love gemstones so much, glass isn't used very much. I have a love of fabrics where I collect it then decided, hmm, better make something and start to use some of it! Now, that pattern I bought and downloaded, must start on that this coming week, its not that I'm short on fabric now! :) Catcha soon.xx

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