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Monday, 24 February 2014

Funny old day! :)

Must share this with you, it is quite funny. My dog hates the Vet, so much does he hate the Vet he slipped his lead and ran off!! Glad to say he ran to the car, where I had to get another more secure lead. I had to carry him in! 18kilo dog and little me, what a sight this must've been, even when the vet called us in, he wouldn't budge and it was too far for me to carry him, I pulled him in, in a sit position, he was polishing the floor very well. Injection over, now hes a happy chappy! :)
Phew! Vet said, he has this affect on dogs. Hes a very nice Vet.:)

Anyway, dog story over, LOL, I have made these gorgeous wall hangings for my Etsy Shop. I'm pleased with the way its going, got lots more to list. These were listed last night.

Love these felt buntings, both are hand cut, time and effort went into these. Over a meter long. Sweet.
What do you think?
I have so many ideas going around in my head, just wish I had the time to put it all in to practice, but, one idea at a time.
Have a fab week, take care.
Catcha soon.x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How you all doing?

Well, hello to you all and welcome to new visitors to my newsletter.
What has been happening then? apart from the awful rain and wind we have been having in the UK, well there has been some new makes I have managed to finish (pics in a mo) I do say though, only a couple as unfortunately I have not had much time to create much, what with the bit of decorating I've been doing, there seems to be less and less hours in the day to accomplish what I set out to do, day job, yea we all know what this means, busy, busy, busy. I am though, pleased to announce I am being featured in another blog!  onehundredpercenthandmade.blogspot.com
If you get chance, please visit, and let me know what you think?
Now, I have had fun with buttons, yes, buttons! As you will see I have one button heart you can view here.
I have many more in the pipeline, when it has a chance to unjam! LOL!
I do, however, love doing up old furniture, can't help myself when I spot something, usually in a charity shop, so, yesterday was no exception, a sewing box, really cheap too, a bonus, and this one is for keeps, I shall show you the before and after when I have revamped it, I'm really looking forward to doing this one!
Why, do I keep adding to my list of things to do? I must be a bit barmy that's all I can say.

I have a few jobs on the go, now added is the sewing basket, still not made any new jewellery! Its only when i actually sit down and run through the things I am doing I realise how many things I have on the go, scary, fun!
If you get chance pop over to my Etsy shop and let me know what you think, feed back is always welcome.
Have a fab week.
Catcha soon.xx

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Aww, my Wooden Hearts

Hiya everyone, hope you are good, especially as its the weekend! We had a birthday celebration yesterday, it was my husbands birthday, we went out in the evening to celebrate in a old haunt of ours in Bristol, a pizza restaurant, used to go there regularly before child, lol! But, I've been busy catching up with some decorating, did some painting today and last week finished off a bit of wall papering, makes me feel less guilty when I'm doing my jewellery or making. So, today after I had finish my little bit of painting, I thought, Mmm, I think I shall do some more of my shabby chic style wooden hanging hearts, they went down a treat Christmas time and sold out in my Etsy shop, and above all, I love doing them, love decorating them, and some I add words too, so, hopefully, before the week is out there will be some more in my shop. Here are some which sold.
I have a lot of fun doing these, I get messy too! At Christmas time I did some which were very festive as well..
So, there they are at the moment drying off in my kitchen, ready for tomorrows second coat, I have 2 favourite colours I used which are khaki and cream, this looks very cottage chic.
I go through a stage, usually in the finer weather, of painting a piece of furniture. Last year I won a old Victorian Drop Leaf table on eBay, but my husband hi-jacked it from me but he did turn it into a lovely chic cream and pine good looking dining table, now sitting very happily in our kitchen/dinner, love it!
Catcha soon.xxx