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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sooo busy....

Hows everyone been this week, fed up with the weather? Rain, rain, rain...mud, mud, mud, haha, especially bad if you have a dog or dogs in my case, the poor things seem to be permanently wet, I try not to hose pipe them down, I get warm water in a bowl and flannel, how daft am I? Still, nothing we can do about it, roll on spring.
This week I have made a bag, (amongst other things, tho still not got round to doing any jewellery!!!) This bag has been a long time coming, and I finally got round to it. Its pretty simple, easy design, think the fabric is the best part of it, this one I made is in a butterfly design, really sweet.
Love some feed back if you get round to it. The inner is white synthetic felt. Would make a lovely beach bag.
I shall be making more of these bags for the Summer and hope to have them on sale in my Etsy shop.

Today, like most mums, I've been juggling, between my day job and orthodontic visits and cooking and cleaning, oh how I try to get out of the cleaning....but with this weather its impossible to not do it, I came back today from the orthodontics to find my very naughty hens destroyed the bin bag which was put out to take to the front garden where the big bin is, I picked it up and they had pecked their way through the plastic bag and the whole lot went everywhere!! and my son said in his deep broken voice "well, what do you expect if you leave it there" well, I was a bit speechless, yes, I know he was right, but you know, you spend most of the day juggling your jobs, well, at least I do, and sometimes you make mistakes!Or deliberate errors!!haha!!
Catcha soon.xx

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